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Delete all Liked Videos on YouTube at once on your Mobile 2022

Sometimes, Videos You never watched are in your liked video playlist on YouTube, It might be due to some malware or chrome extension deliberately doing it. However, If you want to empty the list of liked videos all at once using your mobile app, Follow these easy steps: Open YouTube.Click on your profile icon at... Continue Reading →

Uncompress C Drive

Uncompressing C Drive or any drive is as ease as compressing the drive. Just follow these simple to uncompress C Drive: Right click the drive to uncompress. (C Drive in our case).Click on Properties.Uncheck the "Compress this drive to save disk space"Click on "Apply" then "OK".If it asks for administrative permission, grant it. You are... Continue Reading →

WordPress 404 not found

Sometimes we receive 404 not found error on a particular page of our WordPress website when we open it on another device than the device we are creating our website on. No worries! It can be resolved within a minute. Just go to Settings of your website then click Permalinks and scroll down to the... Continue Reading →

Accidentally closed a tab?Pin It

Are you the one who always closes a tab or tabs accidentally and realize later how important it was? Tired of this hassle? Just adopt 1 useful habit of pinning the tab. In the middle of an important read, before switching to another tab or window, always Right click on the tab and click pin... Continue Reading →

Edit text in images opened in browser

Ever heard of erasing a text on image while opened in a browser, or editing it? Don't get shocked! You can actually do that when you browse an image using a browser extension Project┬áNaptha. Just add this browser extension and play with the text on any image you browse. You can perform various actions on... Continue Reading →

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