An unhandled exception of type ‘System.ExecutionEngineException’ occurred in System.Windows.Forms.dll

Cause It uses an older debugging engine which causes the problem. In other words, it is caused when you compile a 32-bit assembly and try to use it from a 64-bit process. Solution Go to Tools > Option > Debugging -> General > un-check the "Use Managed Compatibility Mode".

The entity type ‘DisplayDetails’ requires a primary key to be defined. If you intended to use a keyless entity type, call ‘HasNoKey’ in ‘OnModelCreating’. For more information on keyless entity types, see

Solution: If you intend to create a table without a primary key in the database just add [Keyless] before class name as follows: [Keyless] public class DisplayDetails { } You might come across the error when you add "keyless" that is because you also need to add this using statement: using Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore;

StoredProcedureName_Result not found

Solution If your stored procedure i returning just a column or more than 1 columns and not returning the ID column that is the primary key, this error would occur. Just include ID or * in select statement e.g. ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_FillMenuItems] AS BEGIN SELECT * from t_Menu End OR ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_FillMenuItems] AS BEGIN... Continue Reading →

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