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3 Less used but Highly useful Keyboard Shortcuts Windows

Win + e

Hit windows key + E to immediately open windows explorer. It works faster then the mouse as you don’t have to search for the icon to click. In the middle of doing anything, just hit the key and open windows explorer immediately

Win + n

Hit windows key + N to open same folder in a new explorer window. Wait Wait Wait. lemme explain. You are in E drive and you want to open 2 folders in E drive simultaneously. Open E:\ drive, Hit windows key + N and the same folder will be opened in a new explorer. Now open whatever you want to open in both the explorers

Win +L

Want to go somewhere and don’t want to leave your laptop open for everyone? Not even want to put it to sleep or shut down. Press windows key + L to lock the screen temporarily until you come back. Get back, Put in your windows password and resume.


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