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Edit text in images opened in browser

Ever heard of erasing a text on image while opened in a browser, or editing it? Don't get shocked! You can actually do that when you browse an image using a browser extension Project┬áNaptha. Just add this browser extension and play with the text on any image you browse. You can perform various actions on... Continue Reading →

Write down something immediately if there is no pen or paper around

In the middle of a movie or something and there is no pen or paper around but want to note down something immediately? Just type "<a href="data:text/html, data:text/html, <html contenteditable>" in the address bar (without the inverted commas) and a temporary notepad will get opened for you. Happy typing then! ­čÖé

How to access AppData Roaming Path

Just type % appdata% in the search bar of your windows explorer and hit Enter You will automatically get to roaming folder which actually resides in the hidden folder AppData like this: Next question in your mind would certainly be "What does roaming path actually contain?" the answer is simple. Roaming is a location where... Continue Reading →

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