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Bug Fixes and Coding Solutions is a dedicated platform to fix bugs in your code and provide easy coding solutions to the problems you face daily while programming.Coding Bugs refer to errors and exceptions you encounter while programming. Coding solutions are not limited to solutions to Bug fixes but it also include ‘how to’ section that is dedicated to ‘coding part’ only.  

Personally, We don’t like lengthy texts that contain the whole background along with the lengthy solution(s) as they make us HELL BORED!!!That’s why We’ll try to keep everything in my blogs short,concise and to the point. We are sure there are lots of other people like me. So this site is  dedicated to all those people. BUT, it doesn’t mean we do not value the people with the other opinion. They are equally respectable and are more than welcome in this journey. You are free to ask anything about any blog. We would love to answer your queries to clarify the concepts.Moreover, You are more than welcome to add your solutions.We would highly appreciate your contribution. Let’s help each other and say bye to the code bugs… 🙂

Happy Coding !

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